Episodes | Season 3

Episode 1 | 5 Steelhead Challenge | weCreate Challenge

Dave gathers up a couple of familiar buddies in hopes to conquer the very first weCreate Challenge of the season. But the record snow event might have the final word in this crazy 100+ mile adventure!

Episode 2 | Misery Loves Crappies

Taking advantage of a short gap in his tournament schedule, Dave takes to the ice on one of his favorite locations, Misery Bay. Things don’t start off well, but once Uncle Terry leaves with the camera, things heat up!

Episode 3 | Minor Mentor Mania

eE sponsors step into action to take advantage of the PA Fish & Boat Commission Youth Mentor Free Fishing Day. Of course it turns into a friendly competition, but will the extreme cold temps ruin everything?

Episode 4 | Linesville Paper Mouths

Dave’s little brother, Nate loves to fish, but doesn’t get the opportunity to go often. This trip to Pymatuning should take care of him for a while. Watch Dave and Nate destroy a bunch of giant springtime papermouths!

Episode 5 | The 100 Foot Plunge

Steve’s been a part of the eE family from the beginning. This day with Kirk of East End Angler was supposed to be an enjoyable, relaxing trip for Dave and Nate, but what happens will change the future of eE forever!

Episode 6 | Holy Hellgrammites

Well now that mom has learned to use Facebook, she’s thrown a weCreate Challenge at the eE crew and her eldest son, Dave. There are two parts, but even with help from our old friend, Darl Black, neither will be easy!

Episode 7 | Turtle Soup Challenge

This crazy weCreate Challenge calls for some serious experts. Nico and RJ know turtles, and have a hunch on exactly where the eE crew needs to go. It's perfect weather for a change, but it’s going to be a long night!