Episodes | Season 4

Episode 1 | Season 4 Preview

Here’s a sneak peek into a few of the many exciting episodes coming up in season 4. Erie, PA is a rich and diverse playground and Erie Extreme will never run out of interesting things to do.

Episode 2 | Canadohta Ice Derby

A cool Challenge comes in, one which Dave Lefebre simply cannot ignore. Accompanied by a few good friends, Dave hits Canadohta Lake to compete in his first ever ice fishing tournament!

Episode 3 | Pleasant Revenge

Though not an “official” challenge, this episode turns into a big one. Covering two lakes in two states, and fishing into the night, Dave, eE crew and a few guests hit the ice in search of trophy fish!

Episode 4 | Tip Up or Shut Up

The eE gang gets a unique challenge to catch a big pike using a tip up, so Dave hooks up with a familiar face to attempt something he’s never done before. The destination?...Findley Lake, NY.

Episode 5 | Five Frog Feast

This challenge seems ridiculous, practically impossible, but Dave Lefebre and the Erie Extreme crew rarely turn one down. It’s time to get froggy with it and we know just who to call for help!

Episode 6 | The Drum Kings

The Presque Isle Bassmasters have challenged Dave and his crew to a friendly Sheephead competition on Lake Erie. With the title of Drum Kings at stake, there’s plenty of trash talking to go around!

Episode 7 | Bree’s Mega Fish

Dave gets lots of challenges, but this one comes in for Bree. She has to catch a truly giant fish, something over 20lbs! The species has been chosen and the location has been set, now it’s up to Bree!

Episode 8 | Five Fish Fever

Dave Lefebre takes advantage of any excuse to hit Lake Erie. The challenge is to catch 5 different species in a short period of time, but that’s not all...The title “King of Bass” is also at stake here!

Episode 9 | Monster River Cats

We’ve used tiny fishing poles before, but this challenge to catch the biggest fish ever caught on the show requires one even smaller. The boys head down to the Shenango River to try to pull this one off!

Episode 10 | Midnight Bow Fishing

Dave Lefebre has never shot a fish with a bow before, so when this Challenge came in we had to jump on it. It’s a carpy kind of night and Lake Arthur in Butler, PA is the spot according to our guide!

Episode 11 | Musky Marathon

This is all about the largest predator that swims in our local waters, the elusive musky. After failing a kayak/musky challenge, Dave Lefebre and Aaron hit several nearby lakes to get revenge on them!

Episode 12 | The Rock Lizard

After multiple unsuccessful walleye trips, Dave Lefebre invests some time in finding a proven system to catch them by casting, not trolling or drifting. His persistence paid off in a huge way!