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Season 1, Episode 0

Episode 0 | New Year’s Special

Not your “typical” fishing show, eE thrives on the unexpected, the happenings in-between takes, which is what sets Erie Extreme™ apart from other sporting reality shows. There are no scripts, no rules, and no shortage of fun.

Episode 1 | Misery on Ice

Anxious to hit the ice after a long bout of cabin fever, Dave searches to find the first safe ice in the area. After a few days of scouting, he locates just the place, and is the first crazy fisherman to walk on Misery Bay, well…almost!

Episode 2 | Ice Breakers

Dave has never caught a fish on a fly rod, hard to imagine. Though the absolute worst time and conditions possible, old friend, Karl Weixelmann, steps up to the challenge. Dave and Karl hit Elk Creek early on a 10 degree day praying for open water and a few off season fish.

Episode 3 | Cold Bronze

Right in our host's wheelhouse, this should be easy right? Join Dave and a couple friends as they attempt to get out on the big lake in search of giant cold water smallmouth bass. But it's the middle of winter and all the ramps are frozen, not to mention an approaching storm looms.

Episode 4 | Blood in the Water

You could say Dave has officially caught fly rod fever. Jeff Blood and boys from make the short trek north from Pittsburgh to attempt to help Dave find a big stream Brown Trout. The timing isn't perfect, but Jeff has high hopes as fish have been seen recently where they plan to go!

Episode 5 | The Bass Belt

After a big Ultimate Match Fishing Win in Tennessee, Dave calls his buddy, Danny, to see if the green bass are biting yet. After confirming the weather conditions, Dave makes the long drive north to fish for one day, but nothing ever goes as planned!

Episode 6 | Perch Serch

A short break between Bassmaster Elite Series tournaments happens to fall right into jumbo perch season on Presque Isle Bay. They're catching State Records and Dave thinks he knows just the right guy to put him in the perfect spot. Andy and Dave hit the banks and cover some serious mileage!

Episode 7 | Night Eyes Part 1

As great as Pymatuning Lake walleye fishing can be in the spring, Dave and Danny have never experienced it. Alabama is a long way from Jamestown, PA, but it's hammertime and Dave's buddy, Jimmy, knows Pymatuning walleyes. But will they ever get on the water?

Episode 8 | Night Eyes Part 2

In part 1, due to technical difficulties, Jimmy, Danny and Dave never made a single cast into the lake. Pymatuning Lake is full of walleyes and the boys are hungry! Can Jimmy put them in the right spot in the dark, or will mechanical issues trump their fishing and fish fry plans yet again?

Episode 9 | A Crappie Challenge Part 1

Catching 5 crappies should be fairly easy this time of year, but this tough Extreme Facebook Challenge presents some unexpected obstacles that could send Dave into a serious tailspin! 5 crappies from 5 lakes in 6 hours…can he possibly pull this off?

Episode 10 | A Crappie Challenge Part 2

With only 2 ½ hours left of a 6 hour Facebook Challenge, Dave has to catch 3 more crappies from 3 different lakes. In this part 2, Edinboro, LeBoeuf and Findley Lakes are in the Erie Extreme team's sites. This one comes right down to the wire!

Episode 11 | Divine Grace

Dave's been challenged to catch a big Lake Erie walleye on a very small ice fishing rod with only 2lb test line. If that's not tough enough, the Erie winds are picking up, and friend, Kelly Jordon is getting nervous about the Texas-sized building waves. This story takes a serious and unexpected turn!

Episode 12 | Dogfish Challenge

Carol from Mars, PA challenged Dave to catch a bowfin of at least 20 inches in length — the catch?? He cannot catch it in Presque Isle Bay. Dave and eE Crew Members, Bree and Terry, head south to Lake LeBoeuf to see if he can do it. It's down to the last 30 minutes of the Dogfish Challenge, can Dave pull it off?

Episode 13 | Horsing Around

Dave looks forward to the Extreme Facebook Challenge episodes, but he may have met his match on this one. Join Dave and Terry, along with very special guests, Frank and Fred and prepare yourself for a ride you literally won't believe!

Episode 14 | Eerie Extreme

When it comes to ghosts, Dave is not sold in the least. Will local Paranormal Investigator, James McCann make him and the eE crew believers? Visiting several supposed local haunted spots, Dave and his brother, Nate take Mom on an exciting ghost hunting adventure.