Promos – Season 2

Season 2 Promo

Season 2 starts on December 30th, 2017! Dave and the eE Crew embark on all new Erie Extreme adventures! Be sure to "catch" every episode! Take a sneak peek below at what is in store for eE's second season! Where to catch Erie Extreme: Erie, NBC12 WICU-TV | 7pm Saturday Evenings Buffalo, FOX29 WUTV-TV | 7am Sunday Mornings Pittsburgh, CW WCPW-TV | 7am Sunday Mornings

1 Bond Hoppin’ (Season 2 Premier)

Dave discovers a young, local YouTuber named Matty, who like Dave, has fishing on the brain. After a surprise meeting, the duo hits the water, breaking ice with the boat and facing many challenges in their 2-day search for hungry bass!

PFBC Phone Call – YouTube Exclusive

Dave's full phone conversation with Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Ed Mascharka about state records.

14 The 100 Foot Plunge

Kirk, owner of East End Angler in Harborcreek, PA offers to take Dave and his little brother, Nate, way out on Lake Erie in search of a trophy walleye. Targeting depths of 100 feet, the trio scores, but they paid a heavy price for their success!

15 Saving Face | eE Challenge

Dave returns home to Erie after a rough tournament. He’s looking for revenge, and beating this 2-part challenge will give him that. His buddy, Danny says this should be easy, it’s the added “Catch” in this challenge that may present a problem!